Golden Valley Storage is a proposed 636-unit self-storage complex located on Golden Valley.

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Updated: Sept. 25, 2019, 2:03 a.m.

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It has been more than a decade since a commercial project has been developed in the area referred to in planning documents as Central Lathrop.

But by early next year, residents in the area that will eventually be home to a number of new residential housing developments in the coming years will have a place to store their personal effects without having to head anywhere else in town.

According to a representative of the development firm that is bringing Golden Valley Storage - which will boast 636 storage units of various sizes as well as more than 100 spaces for RV and boat storage during the initial phase of development - to fruition early next year, the development process has been a seamless one in Lathrop.

"Working with the City of Lathrop has been a great experience," said Marlon Bateman, representing the developers of the first project being constructed in the Central Lathrop area since 2005. "The planners, engineers, and public works people have devoted many hours in moving this storage project from concept to application faster than any other project we have built to date. "We would definitely do another development in Lathrop."

Running adjacent to Golden Valley Parkway, the self-storage facility will cater to both local resident in Central Lathrop and River Islands as well as those passing by on I-5. The facility, Bateman said, will be visible from both the freeway and Golden Valley Parkway, and the location played a major role in why the firm chose to develop the project there.

"The storage facility has great visibility from I-5 and of course great visibility and access from Golden Valley Parkway," Bateman said. "The storage space will be welcomed by the residents and businesses in both Central Lathrop and River Islands."

Once approved for thousands of homes that were expected to fill all of the land around Lathrop High School, development in Central Lathrop ground to a halt when issues with the initial developer arose and then the collapse of the housing market halted any future growth in the area for more than a decade. With the South County housing market exploding again, new residential tracts are currently under construction in the area, and the acquisition of the previous development rights from a firm that has rectified lingering bond debt issues from the previous developer means that the area is poised to grow as initially planned.

And more people means more opportunities for businesses like Golden Valley Storage to serve the growing community.

"These self-storage spaces have great appeal for vehicle owners, small businesses, records storage, and business inventory," Bateman said. "The GVSS market is primarily the local residential user.

"The Central Lathrop area is currently underserved by self-storage facilities."

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